S2 - Ep 1 

Unfortunately Sci-Fi Zone's 2nd season was short and sweet. With Covid-19 shutting down production of the series in 2020, the time was perfect for a special one off 'self-isolation' episode!


S1 - Ep25 (Season Finale)

It's the end of our first season and what better way to finish things off than with a special interview with the most important person involved with the show! Can you guess who it is?

S1 - Ep24

It's time to celebrate some classic black and white movies from the 20th century, including the classic Godzilla films and the all time masterpiece Metropolis.

S1 - Ep23

It's our special time travel episode where we start by covering the Netflix series Travelers before looking at some famous time travel films. Remember, there's always time to discuss time!

S1 - Ep22

We discuss some famous science fiction cars before looking at movies which were adapted from books - particularly the challenges of transferring a concept from page to screen.

S1 - Ep21

It's the end of the month which means it's trivia time! Plus MPS almost gets to open some ultra rare collectables in his 'Leave it in the Packet' segment.

S1 - Ep20

We look back at Avatar to see if the revolutionary special FX of the film still holds up after 10 years, from there we discuss our favourite Sci-Fi comedy films.

S1 - Ep19

We look back at The Greatest American Hero (and Heroine) before reliving some classic TV show intros. Which ones do you remember?

S1 - Ep18

We look at some great animated TV shows (non Anime) before discussing the movie remakes which were actually as a good as, if not better than, the original film.

S1 - Ep17

It's time to head off into the 'verse' as we remember Joss Whedon's classic Sci-Fi series Firefly ... with a bit of Serenity tossed in.

S1 - Ep16

It's our end of month Fun, Frolics and Factoids which means TRIVIA! Plus MPS opens some collectables in our 'Leave it in the Packet' segment.

S1 - Ep15

We look at some clever (real life) Sci-Fi car number plates before discussing the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Batman film.

S1 - Ep14

We briefly go through the upcoming Phase 4 series films from Marvel, before turning our attention to a documentary film which analyses what it would be like going to Mars for real!

S1 - Ep13

Have TARDIS will travel! Yes we discuss the iconic TV show Dr Who and its rise from a 20th century icon into the global success it is today.

S1 - Ep12

It's our special end of month Fun, Frolics and Factoids featuring some great trivia, plus H discusses shows his love of plastic model kits from the 1970s with a couple of examples from Space: 1999.

S1 - Ep11

We look at the new Halo TV series which then leads us into movies inspired by computer games. From here we look at the dark anthology Netflix series Black Mirror.

S1 - Ep10

We look at how often the Apollo 11 moon landings have appeared or been referenced in Sci-Fi movies and TV shows (there's actually more than you realise) before delving into Star Trek: Discovery. 

S1 - Ep9

We discuss the merits and logic of making the new Dune film before asking the big question "why are there so few memorable quotes from 21st century movies?" Asta la vista indeed!

S1 - Ep8

In this special M&M episode we chat about the new Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian before discussing our main topic the Matt Damon hit film The Martian! Sadly there's not a chocolate in sight.

S1 - Ep7 

It's our special end of month Fun, Frolics and Factoids episode featuring a Battlestar Galactica trivia quiz along with a discussion regarding Sci-Fi TV show remakes!

S1 - Ep6 

We look at the film Men in Black: International before asking our toughest question yet, what is the greatest Science Fiction movie ever made!

S1 - Ep5 

We discuss the appointment of Robert Pattinson as the new Batman actor before looking at The Matrix which is now 20 years old.

S1 - Ep4 

We briefly discuss the new Foundation TV series which fans of Hari Seldon will have predicted being made years ago, from there we get into our main discussion 'the Women of Galactica' featuring our EXCLUSIVE interview with Number 6 herself, Tricia Helfer!

S1 - Ep3 

It's our special end of month Fun, Frolics and Factoids episode featuring our ever popular collectors segment "Leave it in the Packet!"

S1 - Ep2

We take a brief look at the upcoming Star Trek: Picard series before focusing on our main topic, the Netflix series Altered Carbon.

S1 - Ep1

We take a quick look at Terminator: Dark Fate to determine whether it will be successful with both Linda Hamilton and Arnie starring in it. From there we tackle our two main topics: a review of the hit TV show The Orville and a look back on Avengers: Endgame. Following this is our From the Time Machine segment featuring the classic Space Patrol membership kit from the 1950s. Also included is MPS' Pop Quiz which focuses on films from the 1980s.