In April 2020 a small team of people began broadcasting two live Facebook shows on Facebook: one was a weekly series discussing Science Fiction movies and TV shows including Fantasy and Superheroes, while the other was a monthly show just covering Star Wars. Both shows finished their runs at the end of the year. Then in 2021 a new series was created focusing on collections and collectables.

The primary aim of Talk Nerdy To Me and Mos Eisley Monthly was to provide a level of humour and entertainment for pop culture fans during the Covid-19 crisis, especially at a time when everyone - including the hosts themselves - were in restricted self isolated lock down.  

Once the Covid-19 restrictions began to ease, the 2021 show Rip It Off The Card was conceived by collectable store owner Aron Challinger to focus on the massive collecting phenomenon.

Meet the Presenters

Peter 'MPS' Sims

- Talk Nerdy To Me

- Mos Eisley Monthly

MPS, as he prefers to be known, has a long and successful history working within the creative arts. Chief among his achievements include a significant number of movie projects including fan films, short films and professional productions where he has worked both in front of the camera and behind.

Being a member of the Sci-Fi fan community since the early 2000s, MPS was once the president of his local Star Trek fan club as well as deputy director of his local Star Wars fan club - which included producing the monthly podcast Star Talking.

In the past few years he has served a pivotal committee role on three successful science fiction conventions. all  whilst indulging in his other creative passion which is the ability to build highly detailed and imaginative models in Lego.


Geoff Tilley

- Talk Nerdy To Me

Geoff, or Geoffro as he is more commonly known, joined the Sci-Fi community back in 1978 after signing up to a number of Space: 1999 fan clubs.


In the mid 1980s he became socially active by joining various committees for fan clubs and upcoming conventions where his enthusiasm and organisational skill set was in high demand.

After a decade of ongoing participation within numerous committees, Geoffro eventually retired from active fandom and turned his attention to the online community. From here his wealth of Sci-Fi knowledge has become invaluable in welcoming new fans to Sci-Fi Zone.

Aron Challinger

- Rip It Off The Card

Aron has been a Doctor Who and Star Wars fan all his life. All his earliest memories are related to the show and the movies!

He became involved with his local fan community in the mid-80's and first started selling toys at fan club meetings when he was just 14! He initially sold toys and collectables to help fund buying his own collection, when he was offered the job of managing a record store which he did for nearly 10 years.

After leaving the record store he was an online trader for a number of years, before being asked to manage Lobos Collectables. He did that for 10 years, taking it from a small local collectable shop to one of the biggest collectable stores on the planet!

He left Lobos in 2019 to work on personal endeavours, which included opening his own collectables store in December 2020 and launching a Horror Podcast, along with a couple of other secret projects.


As Dags likes to say, '"I'm just a dude."

Rich Johnson

Music Composer: 

Talk Nerdy To Me

Rich, or Richie, is a native of New York who spent 3 years pursuing his music composition degrees at Melbourne University in the early 2000's. Whilst there he got to know a lot of wonderful people in the Australian Sci-Fi community and is glad to be friends with them nearly 20 years later.

Besides composing music, Rich teaches theatre arts and film making to students ages 11-18 and is the resident expert at his school for all things Sci-Fi, where conversations and debates with students, faculty, and parents happen daily.

Rich is ecstatic to be a part of Sci-Fi Zone which has grown out of the thriving and welcoming Sci-Fi community he is proud to be a part of.